Investment choice

Low charges often go hand-in-hand with a limited choice of investment funds, or even no choice at all.

We don’t agree with this approach.  We certainly do believe that providers should keep charges as low as possible, but why should it follow that members must be satisfied with a cut-down version of a fully-featured scheme?

One Scheme solves this problem and offers choices to meet the different investment needs of all members:

Level 1
A single core default fund with a balanced risk profile, suitable for people who want to save for their retirement; but who don’t really take an active interest in investment matters. The default fund is provided by Blackrock – an award-winning investment manager, trusted and used by many thousands of pension schemes worldwide.

Level 2
A simple choice of 2 additional core funds, also provided by Blackrock; giving wider choice for people with more cautious or more adventurous risk profiles.

Level 3
A choice of 7 more focused funds, catering for the following needs:

  • Multi-asset
  • Volatility-managed
  • Sharia
  • Ethical
  • Corporate Bond
  • Fixed Interest
  • Cash

Level 4
For people who want to manage their own portfolio, or do so with the help of an adviser; One Scheme has access to a wide range of additional funds, provided by Aegon – one of the UK’s biggest pension providers. These include funds that are managed by Aegon themselves and also from some of the world’s best-known investment managers; giving access to a broad range of high-quality investments, at discounted cost.