I’m an employer

You probably have the toughest job regarding your company’s workplace pension – it is your responsibility to choose a suitable scheme and operate it correctly on an on-going basis. You must ensure that you comply with all relevant legislation and always bear in mind that the scheme is there for the benefit of your employees, not for the ease of your own administrative procedures.

You may wish to undertake all the procedures yourself, or you may feel that you need support in selecting and operating your workplace scheme. Whichever route you choose, One Scheme has been designed to help you.

Scheme selection

Many pensions are designed only to meet the needs of a certain group of people and advisers may therefore suggest that you implement more than one scheme, in order to satisfy everyone.  But do you really want to operate several different pension schemes?

One Scheme was designed to meet the needs of all members – from the majority of people who tend to look for a straightforward solution, to those who want more advanced features or comprehensive investment choice. All of this is achieved within a low cost-structure, giving you peace of mind that you are giving all your staff the best chance of a successful outcome for their retirement.


A robust installation and launch process really helps to promote the scheme to employees, who then have a better appreciation and see the scheme as a real benefit.

We can help you with all aspects of the scheme installation, including:

  • Group presentations to explain pensions & retirement issues and to gauge interest.
  • Preparation of bespoke information / documentation for employees.
  • Group presentations to explain One Scheme & answer any queries.
  • Compiling member data and ensuring that the scheme is set up correctly.
  • Help with the preparation of documentation that you may need to issue to staff / members.
  • Individual salary-exchange calculations and preparation of appropriate agreements.
  • Handling employee queries and providing member support.
  • Working with you to ensure that you comply with your duties under auto-enrolment.

On-going operation

  • Help with the on-going compliance for your auto-enrolment duties.
  • Face to face annual scheme review.
  • Supply of an annual scheme report, providing an on-going summary for mandatory record-keeping.
  • Group presentations to new employees & scheme members.
  • On-going assistance available for employer & staff, via telephone & email.
  • Ad-hoc supply of member documentation as required.