I’m an accountant

Research has shown that between half and two-thirds of smaller companies will turn to their accountant for help in dealing with auto-enrolment. It is obviously important that they receive the correct advice and proper support – are you ready for this?

How can One Scheme help?

We have been working with accountancy firms for some time, to prepare their staff and to help them guide their clients through the new legislation.

  • We can provide training for you and your staff on the requirements of the legislation and help to prepare a structured plan to deal with auto-enrolment for all relevant clients.
  • We can help you to explain the legislation to your clients via seminars, individual meetings, printed literature and online services.
  • We can help you assess the needs of individual clients and how best to address them.
  • We can help your clients to communicate the impact of auto-enrolment to their employees.
  • Using One Scheme, we can provide clients with a full workplace pension solution, including auto-enrolment “middleware”, if needed.
  • We can pay a marketing allowance for introduced clients, giving you an additional income stream.

Why should you start this programme now?

  • Remember that this legislation will impact on every one of your business clients. It is far better to deal with this in a controlled manner over a period of time.
  • There is no need for employers to make contributions until their Staging Date, but it is certainly advantageous to establish a suitable scheme and register it with the Regulator as soon as possible. This will avoid the inevitable “capacity crunch” as increasing numbers of employers need to comply with auto-enrolment in the coming months and years.
  • Almost all businesses will have employees who already pay into their own pension arrangement. Introducing a suitable workplace scheme now and allowing staff to pay via salary-exchange will create immediate NI savings for your clients and their employees.
  • Financial Services companies are already targeting your clients using auto-enrolment as a foot in the door – shouldn’t your firm be taking the lead?
  • The cost of complying with the legislation will increase as the deadlines approach, as the demand for help outstrips the supply.